Innovations that generates market demand

Unique market foresight

The company is able to effectively draw its resources to innovations that have led to the constant breakthroughs in patented technologies, product structural and functional designs as well as production automation, enabling us to become a driving force in leading the industry’s development as we partner with our brand customers to co-create products that influence and create market demands.

Our R&D Center

Our R&D Center

Core Technologies




From the industry’s traditional manual bra cup mold production process to our introduction of the CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing) technology, we were able to resolve the common issues faced by the industry for years to achieve precisions, quality and improve efficiency through automation.

The technology facilitated the rapid fabrication of bra cup molds and it became a mainstream technology within the industry, conducive to the continuous technological advancement of the intimate apparel industry.

We revolutionized the traditional cut and sewn workmanship in the industry by replacing stitched seams with bonded seams by introducing adhesive application solutions through joint development with our upstream suppliers.

Our Supply Chain Network

Over the years, Regina Miracle has established an integrated supply chain network through exclusive partnerships with reputable suppliers both in and outside of the intimate apparel industry, which are conducive to the continuous launch and advancements of the core technologies of our products.

At the same time, our research and development team continue efforts to explore beyond the existing network to seek and identify inspirations that lead to the building of our Products for the Future.

National Accredited Laboratory/ Testing Center

Setting and Leading Industry Standards

In pursuit of product quality excellence, we have established an in-house central laboratory accredited by many of our key global brand partners, and which was also granted a national laboratory certificate by the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) in 2011, affirming Regina Miracle’s industry-leading standards and distinctive quality.


World-class Manufacturing Facilities with Speed and Quality


Craftsmanship Modernization & Revolutions

Product Expertise

Impactful Innovations and Leading Transformation