Regina Miracle Garners “CarbonCare® Label” Three Years in a Row

01/05/2022 | ESG

Regina Miracle Garners “CarbonCare® Label” Three Years in a Row

“CarbonCare® Label Level 3 – Achievement” This Year and “CarbonCare® Star Label” Special Recognition1

(Hong Kong, 5 January 2022) — Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited, a leading innovative design manufacturer (“IDM”) of intimate wear in the world, (“Regina Miracle” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries the “Group”) (stock code: 2199) announced that its Shenzhen factory has received a higher honor – “CarbonCare® Label Level 3 – Achievement” – at the “CarbonCare® Label 2021” hosted by CarbonCare InnoLab. It was also presented the “CarbonCare® Star Label”, a special recognition for having won the “CarbonCare® Label” for three consecutive years, evidencing its outstanding performance in fulfilling carbon reduction commitments.

Mr. Hung Yau Lit, Chairman, CEO and Executive Director of Regina Miracle, said, “Environmental protection and carbon reduction are an important part of environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’). We are very honored to be deemed worthy of the ‘CarbonCare® Label’ again and obtaining Level 3 certification, up from Level 1 then 2. On top all doing the best to run its business, Regina Miracle is also committed to environmental protection, carbon reduction and sustainable development. As ESG continues to gain market attention, carbon reduction has become the focus and goal of more companies. In 2021, Regina Miracle reached an important milestone in improving ESG work by including ESG as a supervisory responsibility of the Board of Directors and establishing a Sustainability Committee to strengthen oversight of ESG strategies by the Board of Directors and help the Group more orderly manage and achieve sustainable development and related goals. As a global company, Regina Miracle will continue to strictly control all production processes via implementing different environmental protection and energy conservation measures, so as to reduce its carbon emission level and contribute to environmental protection.”

Regina Miracle has been committed to taking actions duly in responding to climate change and setting emission reduction goals to enhance the climate resilience of its operations and promote long-term sustainable development of its business. In the past year, the Group continued to implement energy consumption and carbon emission management measures in Shenzhen and Vietnam, and also together with a professional third-party team studied the feasibility of using renewable energy in its factories. By upgrading and transforming the lighting and temperature systems, installing solar power generation equipment and purchasing clean energy, it hopes to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030.

CarbonCare InnoLab and Carbon Care Asia jointly launched the CarbonCare® Label in 2011. To date, more than 450 CarbonCare® Labels have been awarded to organizations in different sectors, including listed companies, government departments, public bodies, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and commercial buildings/venues. In recent years, keeping pace with time, the Scheme has introduced different level labels so as to match the state of progress made by companies and organizations in sustainability and respond to the development in carbon management, ESG reporting and circular economy of companies.

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Photo 1:

Regina Miracle‘s Shenzhen factory receives the higher “CarbonCare® Label Level 3 – Achievement” certificate fully recognizing its effective energy and carbon emission targets.

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Regina Miracle receives the “CarbonCare® Label” the third year in a row and for that also the special recognition of “CarbonCare® Star Label”.
1 Specially for applicants who have made continuous efforts. Organizations that have won the “CarbonCare® Label” or “CarbonCare® Champion Label” for three consecutive years or more (including 2021) are presented the “CarbonCare® Star Label” as a special recognition.