Regina Miracle Recognised as “High and New Technology Enterprise” by Shenzhen Municipal Government

02/18/2022 | Recognition

Regina Miracle Recognised as “High and New Technology Enterprise” by Shenzhen Municipal Government

Sustain Future Growth through Diversity and Innovation

(Hong Kong, 17 February 2022) — Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited (“Regina Miracle” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively the “Group”) (HKEX: 2199), a leading global intimate wear company boasting an Innovative Design Manufacturer (“IDM”) business model, has been certified by the Shenzhen Municipal Government as a “High and New Technology Enterprise”. The accreditation aims to inspire innovation among enterprises and provide incentive to boost their technological innovation capabilities. Enterprises are eligible for a three-year tax preferential policy, including a reduction of income tax rate to 15%, following a strict assessment and certification process. The certification as a “High and New Technology Enterprise” highlights Regina Miracle’s strong R&D capabilities and innovative craftsmanship that are highly appreciated and supported by the nation.

The Group’s constant commitment to technological innovation has reflected in the continuous upgrading and advancement of its three core technologies. It has also established a dedicated Manufacture Innovation Center in recent years to facilitate related development. Proprietary customised machinery and equipment with cutting-edge technologies were developed to ensure that the Group’s operation is well supported by industry-leading and exclusive innovative technologies. Meanwhile, the Group continues to revolutionise production techniques and developed new production equipment to drive product innovation, while fully deploying templates and automation to boost mass production efficiency and stability. The Group currently holds more than 140 patents and has many technology trademarks registered.

YY Hung, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of Regina Miracle, said, “The concept of ‘Innovation’ has been embedded in Regina Miracle’s corporate DNA. The Group is honoured that our years of hard work is well recognised by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. We own an industry-leading national laboratory. The resulting technological breakthroughs, innovative craftsmanship, development capability in production equipment and automation have enabled Regina Miracle to set high and strong technological barriers that set us apart from others. Regina Miracle has built up competitive advantages in the industry with perseverance in innovation over the past two decades, and laid a solid foundation for rapid development in future. Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in R&D and innovation in order to create market-leading products and win-win development of our brand partners and our Group.”

For details about the National High and New Technology Enterprise Certification, please refer to: