Promoting the sustainable development of the industry through innovation and technology

Our Mission

As a world-leading intimate wear manufacturer, as well as a global citizen, Regina Miracle endeavours to bring value to the environment and society while striving to operate a world-class enterprise. We work diligently in a responsible manner to create long-term value for all stakeholders, shoulder social responsibilities and realise sustainable development.

Our ESG Philosophy

At Regina Miracle we firmly believe that thoughtful management as it pertains to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is integral to our long-term success, given the highly dynamic nature of the industry we are in.

As an advocate and practitioner of sustainable development, we actively manage the environmental and social impact of Regina Miracle’s manufacturing and operational activities.

While striving to be a world-class enterprise, we also seek to contribute to the betterment of the environment, our employees and society, and endeavor to create long-term value for our shareholders through sustainable development and remaining fully accountable to all of our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Banner
Sustainability Banner
Harmonious coexistence with the environment

By leveraging environmental protection technologies to break new ground in the areas of energy conservation and emissions reduction, Regina Miracle endeavors to achieve its aim of advancing ecological balance.

Green Sustainable Development

Committed to the high efficiency and green development concept, Regina Miracle is well aware of its own environmental protection obligations, we continually explore to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the enterprises strategic planning, constantly optimizes the environmental management system, and reduces the environmental impact of production and operation.

In addition, we are committed to positively responding to the demands and expectations of our customers and to jointly addressing the challenges of global environmental pollution and resource shortages.

Meanwhile, the Group is actively organizing for and encouraging all employees to join environmental protection welfare activities, with the aim of raising their awareness of environment protection so that they may together with the Company perform duties to protect the environment.

Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions Management

The Group conscientiously implements the energy policy of “Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction, Green and Environmental Protection” to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency to achieve sustainable development.

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product banner
Innovation, Quality, Comfort

Mindful of the impact manufacturing has on the environment, we proactively identify opportunities along our end-to-end development and manufacturing processes to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

We are committed to acting as a driving force for the industry in the co-development of eco-friendly raw materials, alongside our strategic supply chain partners during our product research and development efforts; designing and investing in advanced automation production models to incorporate environmental-friendly production processes, while concurrently enhancing production management and efficiency.

Sustainable Materials Development

We work closely with suppliers to develop different types of sustainable materials, and over 140 styles of sustainable materials were used in newly-launched products in 2021.

3D Virtual Sampling

We adopt 3D design software such as CLO and OPTITEX during the design development process, which speed things up considerably. These tools allow us to visualize fabric and colorways and modify design and pattern sizing immediately, enabling hundreds of manual processes to be eliminated during the development stage.

  • Shortens development cycle by 2-3 weeks on average
  • Significantly reduces the number of physical samples
  • Enables more efficient waste and cost management
Automated Production

We put a huge amount of effort into both product innovation and production automation that will drive the industry forward. We are instigating a craftsmanship revolution, not only through breakthroughs in materials innovation and application, but by concomitantly developing and engineering cutting-edge machines and equipment that enable the commercialization of our product innovations.

  • Reduces Waste
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Expands Production Scale
  • Advances Standardization
People_Community banner
People_Community banner
Growing With Our Colleagues

Talent has always been and will always be an irreplaceable asset for Regina Miracle’s ongoing development. We are committed to nurturing and developing our employees under sound talent management and a robust people-oriented protection system, centered around transparency, openness, equality, diversity, and fairness.

By providing enriching experiences for the professional development of our employees, the company has been able to retain talent over the years which in turn facilitates the steady development of the Group while realizing our pursuit of excellence in the workplace.

We also deeply appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to the contentment and well-being of our colleagues and their families, and how it is fundamental to helping them build mutually successful professional and personal lives. Hence, at Regina Miracle we are committed to nurturing an environment that will allow such positive harmony to be attained.

Mutual Prosperity With Communities

Working together in creating an environment that encourages collective development and harmony and sharing, complemented by continuous investment that benefits society and brings positive growth to the communities where we operate.

  • Offering support to students from local communities so that they benefit from all-round development, extending beyond their educational needs
  • Caring for the disadvantaged, both inside and outside of the Group, helping them meet their basic needs, including medical services, employment and social engagement
  • Advancing public welfare by contributing financial support to charitable causes and providing an in-house established volunteers platform to encourage our team of passionate volunteers to participate in charitable activities
Supply Chain Management banner
Supply Chain Management banner
Building Sustainable Supply Chains

We commit to only work with suppliers that are environmentally friendly and accountable to employees, including but not limited to freedom of association, non-forced labor, reasonable compensation and benefits and respect for human rights. Meanwhile, we would keep monitoring and encouraging the society and environment compliance performance of our suppliers to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the supply chain.


Supplier Admission

We has formulated and implemented systems and processes for accessing suppliers’ operational qualification, product quality and price, innovation capability, environmental and social risks and integrated management.

We require sample products from suppliers and test such samples to ensure that they meet our requirement on product quality. We check the documentation of such sample products, such as the quality inspection report, the Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certificate, to ensure that the products comply with the qualification standards of the place of operation, those of the customers and Regina Miracle.

other effort banner
other effort banner
Moving to Higg FEM Level 2

We will devote our efforts to optimise the performance of the seven aspects below, which are measured by Higg FEM, to achieve Level 2 status by 2023:

  • Wastewater
  • Emissions into the Air
  • Waste Management
  • Chemicals Use and Management
  • Environmental Management System
  • Energy Use/Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Water Use

Sustainability Report

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